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Empowered: meaning strength, confidence to take control of your life.

Lemtutu: meaning butterfly, transformation. 

Group of Friends

A Non Profit 501(c)(3)


Our mission is to build community by providing tools, healing and support to empower others on their journeys to discovering self.Especially woman of color. Building community and sharing space for entrepreneurs.

We do this by providing holistic healing practices, teaching, and providing space for woman of color to overcome the challenges of their lives. We address mental health, anxiety, stress, physical ailments (aid in getting better with current treatments), emotional traumas, financial struggles, generational struggles, spiritual workings, and anything facing this community.  Woman of color face the biggest struggles whether this is due to wealth gaps, lack of education, lack of awareness, racism, generational traumas and the tools provided through insurance doesn't address all of these needs.  We will use coaching and intake forms to help determine the best holistic approaches.  We also offer a space in our shop to showcase work and provide a platform of empowerment. 

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'Lemtutu has helped me so much, even as I was not able to attend the monthly meditations, she helped me with recordings and allowed me tom attend for free. I am forever grateful for her healing, love and guidance. 

Wyn Johnson / County Medical / RN

"I was able to overcome so many hurdles and really begin to heal myself, I was scared to start my business but with Katyra's guidance and encouragement I was able to create my dream and have become so successful. I am also healthier than I have ever been. She is amazing!!!

Jamie J. /Jamie / Stylist

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Qi Gong Technique


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