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More About our mission

Vision and What We Stand to Accomplish

Woman of color are an underserved community when it comes to care and services. This is due to gaps in employment, resources, education and funding to provide healing care to overcome obstacles found in society. Our vision is to provide all of the tools and services necessary to help woman heal. To provide opportunities for woman of color to be showcased. To empower them to reach all of their goals and succeed in whatever they desire.  As we impact one woman, she will light the world and spread the light to others.

Group therapy

We will provide art gallery events to showcase different works of art. We will provide healing events providing different healing modalities to service the community. Retreats to further the impact of healing and empowerment. Weekly and monthly classes and services to continue the healing process. We also will have individual services available for interpersonal work and guidance. This corporation is dedicated to healing with different spectrums as we all become fully empowered.


  • Master Milagros Energy Work Healers

  • 4th Generation Intuitive Coaching.

  • Certified Milagros Energy Work Instructor

  • Meditation Facilitator/ Coach

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